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“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature. ” — Jane Austen

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Favourite lines from Taylor Swift’s albums

"Hold on, baby, you’re losing it
The water’s high, you’re jumping into it
And letting go… and no one knows
That you cry, but you don’t tell anyone
That you might not be the golden one
And you’re tied together with a smile
But you’re coming undone” (Tied together with a smile - Taylor Swift)

Oh what a shame, what a rainy ending given to a perfect day
Every smile you fake is so condescending
Counting all the scars you made
And now that I’m sitting here thinking it through
I’ve never been anywhere cold as you” (Cold as you Taylor Swift)

But in your life you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team
But I didn’t know it at fifteen
When all you wanted was to be wanted
Wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now
Back then I swore I was gonna marry him someday
But I realized some bigger dreams of mine
And Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind
And we both cried” (Fifteen Fearless)

And we know it’s never simple, never easy.
Never a clean break, no one here to save me.
You’re the only thing I know like the back of my hand,
And I can’t breathe without you
But I have to.
Breathe without you
But I have to.” (Breathe Fearless)

"But I took your matches before fire could catch me, so don’t look now,I’m shining like fireworks over your sad, empty, town" (Dear John Speak Now)

This is me praying that
This was the very first page
Not where the story line ends
My thoughts will echo your name
Until I see you again
These are the words I held back
As I was leaving too soon
I was enchanted to meet you
Please don’t be in love with someone else
Please don’t have somebody waiting on you
Please don’t be in love with someone else
Please don’t have somebody waiting on you” (Enchanted - Speak Now)

Time turns flames to embers
You’ll have new Septembers
Every one of us has messed up too
Minds change like the weather
I hope you remember
Today is never too late to be brand new
It’s alright, just wait and see
Your string of lights are still bright to me
Oh, who you are is not where you’ve been
You’re still an innocent.” (Innocent -Speak Now)

Will you take a moment, promise me this
That you’ll stand by me forever
But if God forbid fate should step in
And force us into a goodbye
If you have children some day
When they point to the pictures
Please tell them my name
Tell them how the crowds went wild
Tell them how I hope they shine” (Long Live Speak Now)

This is a state of grace
This is the worthwhile fight
Love is a ruthless game
Unless you play it good and right
These are the hands of fate
You’re my Achilles heel
This is the golden age of something good and right and real” (State of Grace Red)

Maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much,
but maybe this thing was a masterpiece ‘til you tore it all up.
Running scared, I was there, I remember it all too well.
And you call me up again just to break me like a promise,
so casually cruel in the name of being honest.
I’m a crumpled up piece of paper lying here
'Cause I remember it all, all, all… too well. (All too wellRed)

We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way
It’s miserable and magical.
Oh, yeah” (22Red)

I bet you think I either moved on or hate you
'Cause each time you reach out there's no reply.
I bet it never ever occurred to you that I can’t say hello to you
And risk another goodbye.” (I almost do Red)

Distance, timing, breakdown, fighting
Silence, the train runs off its tracks
Kiss me, try to fix it, could you just try to listen?
Hang up, give up and for the life of us we can’t get back…” (Sad beautiful tragicRed)

It was a few years later, I showed up here
and they still tell the legend of how you disappeared,
how you took the money and your dignity, and got the hell out.
They say you bought a bunch of land somewhere,
Chose the rose garden over Madison Square,
And it took some time, but I understand it now.
‘Cause now my name is up in lights, but I think you got it right,
Let me tell you now, you’re the lucky one.
Let me tell you now, you’re the lucky one.
Let me tell you now, you’re the lucky one, oh, oh, oh.” (The lucky oneRed)

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